Getting down 2 (1)


Tone, technique, tricks…whatever. I love playing guitar. I love talking and writing about guitar. And most of all, I love learning more about guitar, and sharing that.

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Josh Playing


Here, our site is twofold:

1.) Guitars, amps, pedals, pickups, cables, picks…anything related to guitar gear.

2.) Ghost hunting equipment–video cameras, digital recorders, ghost boxes, radio frequency sweeps, etc..

We use them, tinker with them, figure them out, rate them, and we tell you about them.

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Ghost hunts, experiences, video and audio evidence, true stories of hauntings…. We love that stuff! And we want to share what we find with you.

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Anyway, Getting to the Point

Ok, ok. The point is, we love this stuff and we want to have fun with it, while still sharing valuable information with people who share our interests.

So, check out our videos and articles. Give us feedback. Like it…don’t like it…interested in more info…. Let’s chat about it.


Next Steps…

Check out our links, comment, share… The more the better. Thanks!

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