Milll and Mine BIG

What we're here for...

We're here to teach you and learn things ourselves. We want to share our fascination of guitars (who are we kidding? That is Josh's thing), and what lies within the unknown. Join us in our journey. Share your stories and experiences; we will do the same.

Our Story

We have been married for a long time. Our love grows stronger with each passing day. We have three grown children and, to date, three of the best grandchildren ever. We have a passion for various things and want to share some of those passions with others.

Meet Da Browns

Josh is a Bears fan, so I always like to refer to us as 'Da Browns'.

Sang it!

Josh Brown

Founder & CEO

Loving father, Pappy, writer, musician, and hubby to the best wife ever.

Faithful Tennessee Vols fan. *\o/* GO VOLS!


Jen Brown

Founder & CEO

Loving mother, Honey (what grandturkeys call me), writer, musician, and wife to the best hubby ever.

Faithful Tennessee Vols fan. *\o/* GO VOLS!

Next Steps...

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