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California holds all kinds of history, so to narrow this down to five legends was tough. In the future, there will be more ghostly stories that come from California. It seems like there are numerous legends in, practically, every city! But, for today, here are five we picked. Since there was such a large volume of accounts, we randomly chose. 

Alameda – Haunted Insane Asylum

The creep factor is strong in this pic.

 If you take a drive down to the intersection of Marina Village Parkway and Mariner Square drive, take a left, go straight, and when you come to the first turn on the right, you will go into an industrial parking lot. The asylum is straight ahead. 

We found a couple different stories on this one.

Story #1:

It is said patients were tortured and killed at the facility. The building is now abandoned. Claims have been, at night, if you stand outside, in the front of the building, look up at the fifth window from the right, on the second story, the blinds will open and open by themselves. 

Sometimes, upon entry, you will hear loud screams the moment you walk in. Chills will cover your body, the hair will stand up on your neck, and you will feel as though someone is behind, but no one is there. 

You can hear screams in the distance and when you go down to the basement, you will see the ropes hanging where people took their lives. 

It is also said, if you take pictures during the day, on occasion, there will be orbs present, as well as a ghostly, glowing figure in the pictures.

Story #2:

Some sources claim this was not an asylum, but a military hospital. Some even say it was a storage facility for the U.S. Military. Regardless, many are unclear about the actual function of the facility and speculate, based on its appearance, it resembled a base, more so than a hospital. 

Built in 1941, it served as a dental until and hospital for military personnel. It was also a distribution center for medical equipment and supplies for the Bay Area. 

As most abandoned buildings do, it had succumbed to people breaking in, druggies, and vandals.

There are also many rumors. Some have been proven false. One is there are dead bodies in the building. It has been searched and there have never been bodies found within the building.

On March 29, 2009, the building burnt to the ground. A piece of history lost. Prior to the fire, the claims are about the same as above: feeling uneasy, as though you aren’t alone, the blinds opening and closing on their own, and anomalies and orbs being captured on film.

Humboldt Brews

Regular patrons of Humbolt Brews know the bar is haunted. They claim footsteps and disembodied voices can be heard in directions no one is seen, and glasses move on their own.

El Cajon, Chase, CA  This is a ghost hunter’s dream. Not because there seem to be a whole lot of spectacular things that happen, but because it happens EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. It is said there are strange smoke smells and balls of light that inhabit this area. The balls of light appear without disappointment. Personally, even if you aren’t a ghost hunter, I believe this would be totally fascinating to witness. I would also go several nights in a row to validate these claims.

Nevada City – The National Exchange Hotel (AKA National Hotel)

The fact that it’s haunted only makes me want to stay here more.

Nevada City may be small, but it also known as one of the most haunted towns in Northern California. It also home of one of the nation’s most haunted hotels and, not surprisingly, one of the best places to visit if you wish to see some ghostly activity.

Built in 1863, this hotel has been through a lot and had countless people come and go. If you think you can handle what awaits you, go on and visit this unsettling hotel.

Given the hotel has been up and running since 1856, it only makes sense there is something, or things, lurking about, especially when it comes to paranormal activity.

Looking for your next place to ghost hunt? Look no further! There have been reports of disembodied/misplaced voices, full body apparitions, to gust of cold wind.

Apparitions are commonly seen. One is of Elizabeth, a young girl who creeps on the second floor. She is said to have passed due to a childhood illness. She likes to do innocent things, such as riding her tricycle (makes me think of “The Shining”) and jumping rope.

While she means no harm, there is a rather unfriendly spirit who lives there. A woman was murdered at the hotel and likes to make visitors aware of exactly how she died. Leaving bloody hand prints around Room 48, is a reminder for others of how she died a violent death.

Not every spirit has a story or name. Some guests have reported sightings of a man, dressed in Old Western attire, sitting in the lobby having a smoke. There have also been reports of women, dressed in extravagant Victorian style dresses, who fancy hanging around the bar area.

We talk a lot about disembodied voices. What exactly is a disembodied voice? According to, a disembodied voice is:

“not having a material body.” Basically, you hear something, but there is nothing you can attach it to. For example, you hear a voice, but there is no person around providing the voice.

Have you been to any of these locations and have a story you’d like to share? What are your thoughts on these locations? Any interest you? Give us your stories! We would love to hear them. 


Insane Asylum | Old Hospital

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