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Learning about all the urban legends surrounding each state is quite fascinating. Who knew there were so many stories out there? What’s also interesting to find, is the amount of people who didn’t realize such legends existed. Some seem to be fascinated with the stories and let it die there, while others wanted to see if they could verify any truth to these legends.

Here are some we found interesting and wanted to share.


This little cemetery dates back to 1790. Many of the headstones belong to people who lived during the Colonial Era; including veterans from the Revolutionary War, War of 1812, and Civil War.

What is it about dolls that is so creepy? Especially in a haunted cemetery.

This old cemetery is encompassed by stone walls, causing the amplification from the sounds within. Upon entering the cemetery gates, this tends to be the first thing noticed.

 Most haunted places have a story behind them; someone was murdered, died in an tragic accident, an unspeakable crime, etc., not the case here, at least none that are known.

Besides the amplified sounds of nature, investigators have documented mists, orbs, and EVPs. Also to note, Ed and Lorraine Warren investigated here and noted it as a haunted location.

Although there are no cemetery hours posted, it is patrolled on a regular basis after dark. Please seek permission before investigating after dark.


Hannah had no ties to witchcraft, at least not until the mysterious death of her husband, Capt. Joseph Hovey.

It has been rumored she cast a spell on Capt. Hovey, causing him confusion, which lead him to wander into an abyss. This is where she earned the nickname Hannah Cranna.

There are a few legends that swirl around Hannah. Here are a few:

She had a brook that ran through her property. A young man took a risk and went fishing in the brook on Hannah’s property. When she caught him, it is said she cast a spell on him, causing him to never catch another fish.

One of her neighbors was a well-known baker within the community. One day Hannah stopped by this neighbor’s house as the pies were cooling. She asked for one of the pies. Her neighbor had given Hannah the smallest pie in the batch. Hannah requested a larger pie. Her neighbor denied this request and insisted she could only have the smaller one. This lead to Hannah placing a smell on the neighbor, and the pies were never as good again.

Another involves two men who stopped in front of her house to mock her. They were hauling hay in an ox driven cart. Upset by their behavior, she cast a spell on them. The spell caused the oxen to become immobile and the wheels fell off the cart.

Hannah had suspected her death was nearing and told one of her neighbors she would soon be dying. As  predicted, she passed shortly after. When speaking with her neighbor, she stated she wanted her coffin to be buried after sundown and by hand.

Her wishes were not granted and the neighbors took her coffin  by sled. There was snow on the ground. Her coffin kept falling off the sled, causing them to end up carrying her coffin by hand to her grave. By the time they had reached the grave, it was after sunset, which they were not wanting to uphold.

After the funeral, the patrons returned to Hannah’s house, only to find it engulfed in flames.

To this day, according to legend, if a spectral figure should appear in the graveyard, passing cars tend to crash.


It is said there is a full, intact house that lies at the bottom of this lake. In 1895, a family decided they would move their house from one side of the lake to the other. They decided they would move their home across the frozen lake when winter came. They placed the house up on wooden slabs and believed it would slide across the ice to the other side.

The next time you think you’ve really screwed something up, just remember that there was a time that some folks accidentally sunk someone’s house into a frozen lake.

They figured it was a two day job. On day one, they moved the house along as far as they could go. They went back to the land, leaving their house on the ice overnight. Upon returning the next day, the ice had broken and their house began to sink. 

They arrived in time to retrieve smaller possessions, but the larger items had to remain in the house as it sank to the bottom of the lake. 

It has been said scuba divers have searched and found the house and the heavier possessions that couldn’t be saved are still in tact. This includes a piano. 

If you are from these areas, please let us know if you have heard these stories or had experiences yourself. We would love to hear about them!

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