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Rooms 1, 6, and 11 have reported haunted activity within Addy-Sea Inn. Room 1 has reports of the bathroom being haunted. Many guests have stated the bathtub will start to shake violently. The shaking is sporadic and can happen at any given time. Although there is not an organ in room 6, organ music can be heard coming from there. Room 11 is haunted by a former worker, Paul Delaney.

During the evening, witnesses have also reported a ghost the likes to run through the hallways. Don’t expect a quiet night, either. There are been reports of faint perfume filling the air and the sounds of music when walking the hallways. Also, years ago, Kurty Addy is reported to haunt the roof. People have heard footsteps on the roof. It is said to be Kurty. He fell to his death years ago while atop the roof.


Locust Grove Farm is more than 150 years old and it is said a young boy spirit resides here. He seems to be a trickster. Lights and appliances will turn on and off by themselves. There are also reports of not being alone and strange noises being heard.


This nineteenth century home is said to be haunted by many spirits. Reports of feeling as though you aren’t alone have been documented. 

Apparitions have been seen, as well as ghostly balls of light that roam throughout the hallways and from room to room. These ghostly balls of light can also be seen in the garden outside. 

There are also disembodied voices, footsteps, feeling as though a presence is there, even when alone, apparitions, and even the bark of a ghost dog. A “neighbor” will appear and upon approaching the neighbor will disappear. 

Reports of a faceless man can be seen looking out of the living room window. There have also been reports a man was killed by a falling tree and his headless body can be seen.


In addition to being spooky, Rockwood Mansion has some beautiful architecture.

We thought this one would be a special treat because they actually have daily tours! They have a few options for you so all can attend. Details will be at the end of this section.

This historic mansion was built in the early 1950’s by Joseph Shipley.  He moved his entire family, pets, gardener, horses, and housekeeper from Liverpool, England to this grand mansion that is located on 70+ acres in Wilmington.

The home was passed down to a few generations and then, in 1973, the home and land were gifted by New Castle County. In 1998, it became part of an extensive restoration project. In the early 2000s, the mansion and grounds were opened to the public, and became Rockwood Mansion Park. The park is a home to many buildings, which include: a barn, carriage house, conservatory, gardener’s cottage, mansion, and Porter’s Lodge.

The mansion is said to be home of several ghosts and the are deemed “creepy”. The ghosts are said to be former residents of the mansion. The reported ghosts are a man wearing a red smoking jacket and his dog, a woman, and a child believed to be Edward “Eddie” Bringhurst, Jr. People have also stated there are unexplained sounds throughout the home and grounds.

The woman is said to roam around within a halo of cold air as she nears guests. Eddie had a, once grand, playhouse on the grounds and he is said to haunt the remains that are still on the property. He has also been known to roam the halls within his former family home.

This home has been on ghost hunting documentaries such as “My Ghost Story” and Ghost Hunters.

If you wish to tour the estate, here are the options and information:

  1. Family friendly – This is a standard ghost tour. You are allowed to bring your camera and take pictures as you go through the mansion and grounds.
  2. Ghost Tour Adventure – This allows you access to the attic and basement (scariest/creepiest part of any place, if you ask Jen), a medium or psychic will more than likely join the group, and you must wear comfortable attire and shoes. Bring your camera and flashlight, as this is a more intense tour than the family friendly tour. This tour is geared more towards teens and adults. You may want to leave the little ones with a sitter.
  3. Overnight Investigation – Looking to have your thrills? This is the one for you! It is best if you are somewhat familiar with paranormal investigating. Bring your ghost hunting equipment and see what awaits you in the Rockwood Mansion and the 72 acres that encompasses this historic beauty.

You can call Rockwood Park at 302.761.4343 or visit their website at https://www.nccde.org/431/Rockwood-Park-Museum.


The Addy Sea, Bethany Beach, Delaware

Locust Grove Farm

Blevin’s House



Rockwood Mansion

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