Haunted Arizona

Arizona holds many legends and haunts within its state lines. Here are some we were intrigued by.

Jones Park/Happy Days Park/Toltec Elementary School

Looks not-so-creepy in this pic, right? Pics can be deceiving.

  It is said there are “three angry shadows” that prowl when night falls. They are searching for a girl who was raped and left to die. The girl’s screams and voice can be heard.

These shadows dwell under a nearby bridge. Negative vibes can be felt where these shadows reside. It is said, if you take pictures at this location, dark shadows will appear in the photographs and stand at least seven feet tall. At the park, you can hear the playground equipment moving when no one is there.

Cochise County Courthouse

Another bright and cheery pic. Maybe it’s the Arizona sunlight. Don’t be fooled.

 Courthouse employees vow the top floor is haunted. They also state there are bad smells throughout the floor and there are evil presences all around.

In the Division 2 judge chambers, there are occasional hints of cigar smells that linger from the old days. Doors open and close, violently at times, and voices can be heard throughout the floor.

There’s also a ghost, of what appears to be, of an old-looking judge, will appear in the lobby and second floor of the courthouse.

Fort Huachuca – Carleton House

Bright and sunny? Check. Haunted as shit? Check.

 The Carleton House is the oldest building located on Fort Huachuca base. This house has been used for a variety of purposes. It has been the Fort’s hospital,  and the residence of officers with high ranks. Given its rich war history, it’s not surprising paranormal activities have been tied to this particular site. 

Legend has it, a woman named Charlotte passed away during childbirth and is believed to be haunting Carleton House. 

Electrical phenomena, paintings falling off walls, objects flying, things being thrown, and doorbells ringing when no one’s there have also been reported.

Arizona State Prison Complex

An Arizona pic that a little more foreboding.

The Flamenco Unit was constructed in 1920. For years, it served as a division of the state hospital. 

Now, patients with mental issues and inmates are housed in this unit. Over the years, countless inmates and patients have passed away in this unit.

When no one is around, keys can be heard rattling, as well as doors closing and opening on their own.

People have witness a woman in the female’s unit library.

When they do head count, extra inmates “appear” and when they are recounted, they have vanished.

Vulture Mine – Wickenburg 

Tarantulas, scorpions, ghosts… What creepies await within?

This mine was founded by Henry Wickenburg. He discovered gold in the mine.

On the property, there are a couple of places deemed haunted.The first is the caretaker’s house. The man and wife that lived there state there are strange noises.

The other haunted location is the mess hall. Although the kitchen is deserted, there are aromas of food. The mess hall is part of the self-guided tour of the mining camp.

There is Vulture Mine Cemetery located down the road from the mess hall. Miners have been buried in this cemetery. There are claims of a headless Indian horseman that has been seen.

Visitors say they can sense death and feel as though they are being watched.  There are even a couple places along the tour, where peopled have died. There have been miners who died when the cave collapsed on them, as well as what is known as the hanging tree.

It takes a brave soul to crawl down this hole for their livelihood.

Do you have Arizona haunts you would like to share with us? Have you visited the places mentioned? If so, do you have experiences to share? We’d love to hear them!







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