True Ghost Stories #1

We thought it would be fun to search the internet for some spooky, ghost stories others have experienced. WARNING – THIS IS SOME FOUL LANGUAGE.

Josh still isn’t 100% a believer, but I TOTALLY AM! There are too many unexplained things that happen in this house. We have a blog post dedicated to the experiences we have had over the years in this house.

But, before we share some of the ones others have experienced, I wanted to share one of mine from when I was 19. Here goes!


My dad had passed away March 10, 1992. What I experienced happened in mid-June. My middle sister was pregnant and my mom had asked me if I could stay with her. We didn’t know when she would go into labor and mom had to work, so I agreed. One morning, before my mom and sisters were up, I took advantage of being the only one up and decided to have a nice hot soak in the bathtub. I was in there for a bit when I heard the creaking of the hardwood floor right outside the bathroom door.

My mom and youngest sister’s bedrooms were at the end of the hall and one of them would have to be who walked past the bathroom door. My other sister’s bedroom was downstairs. Anyways, I finished up my bath, got out and dressed.

I went into the kitchen and no one was up. But, my dad’s favorite chair was sitting crooked, just how he always sat, and his favorite coffee mug was sitting on the table. At that time, I didn’t know how to make coffee and I don’t drink it. 

I thought my mom had gotten up made it, decided she was still tired and went back to bed. When she woke up, she said she never got up to go to the kitchen. 

I believe it was my dad letting us know he was still there to watch over us. <3

Pig mask

Ok…This one is creepy.

“Our old house was on a corner, and in lieu of a backyard had a side yard, with a small deck that wrapped around the back. The dining room had patio doors that lead out to the back and we would have BBQs and such back there.

When I was about 14, we only had one desktop computer and one laptop for the family. My brother and I would fight over the desktop (that’s where Diablo 2 was installed!) so I would use the laptop to write music.

On one particular night, my brother had a friend over and they were downstairs doing whatever and I was at the dining room table on the laptop.

As I was wrapped up in my writing, I didn’t pay much attention to my surroundings.
I heard a knock on the patio door, which startled me. I looked up, expecting my brother or his friend (the basement had a door that lead to the back deck as well.)

Standing at the door, and waving was a person (could not tell sex or age) wearing a Halloween pig mask.

Thinking it was my brother or his friend I mouthed “good one” and gave the person the finger and they walked away.

As soon as they left I went downstairs to give them shit, and to my surprise and dismay… They were both sitting on the couch playing PlayStation. They swore up and down it wasn’t either of them, and there was no way one of them would have had time to get downstairs and unmask before getting on the couch.

To this day, I have no idea who it was that knocked and waved.” — shanster925

Someone was there


“We were living with my brother in law and his two teens when i was pregnant. He has an elevated house on quite a bit of former hunting land, several miles down a county road.

My husband works 7-6 and BIL works offshore for 14 days. While he was at work, his kids stayed with their grandmother. Nice house but it had a weird vibe. I chalked it up to pregnancy hormones.

One day, home alone i was taking a shower and felt someone staring at me. I stuck my head out and listened. Couldnt hear anyone in the house so i resumed my shower. A while later i heard the back door shut. I was standing in the kitchen and could see the door (which had no steps and was 6′ from the ground). Door was still locked.

I told my husband about it that night and he shrugged it off. We locked down and went to bed. I dont know how long id been asleep but i woke up to the blankets being yanked off the bed and my husband flipping on every light in the house. He threw open every door, every cabinet, looked in every pantry or closet while holding his handgun. I asked what was going on and he swore he heard boots thumping through the house and someone talking. Everything was still locked and its not a big house. Nobody was there except us.

One night, a while later, my niece came into our room (her dad worked over and we had them for a few days) and asked to sleep in bed with us. Now, this girl isnt scared of anything and is 14 at the time. I sat up, told my husband to scoot over, and patted my pillow. Thats when i noticed her 16 year old brother curled up under a blanket on the floor beside me. “Why are you both in our room at 2 in the morning?”

They didnt want to answer at first but explained that something in my nieces room laughs at night. I hated that room when we moved in, and put up any laundry i did quickly in there. I asked my nephew why he was on the floor and he said, “She came into my room on the cot to sleep but something started knocking on the door. We came down here as soon as it stopped.”

Again, husband flipped on every light, looked in every nook and cranny. Nothing.

Eventually we moved out, and the kids decided to live full time with grandma. My husband said he heard a man laughing in my nieces room, but there was nobody there when he turned on the lights. Scared the shit out of him.” — KNSF

“He’s biting daddy”

Kids can just be, well, creepy!

“My 3 year old, who is normally very happy go lucky, was extremely concerned the other day. He kept looking around the room talking about “the rhino” (who knows what a 3 year old might translate as a “rhino”). This went on for about 20 minutes – he was very concerned and looking around the entire time. So, we get to a point where he says the rhino is moving. My wife asks where the rhino is… “he’s coming to Daddy.” yeah, um, I’m Daddy and my ass puckered just a wee bit at that comment….

Fast forward about 4 days (last night), and he starts talking about “the ghost” – my daughter asks my son “where is the ghost”, my son says “he’s biting Daddy.”

What the actual fuck.” — Kahne_Fan

Please don’t do this at home

WHY? WHY? WHY? Do you leave a note like this on your door?!? Just don’t!

“This is a story from my mother. She was home alone for a while and was expecting a friend over, and was taking a shower. In case her friend came while she was still showering she left a note on the front door that said “I’m in the shower, come on in!” While she was showering she heard a knock on the bathroom door, and she said “I’ll be right out!” When she got out of the shower nobody was there, and a few minutes later her friend pulled into the driveway. ” — SolaireLuvzEstusSoup

Do you have an eerie story you’d like to share with us? We’d LOVE to hear about it. With your permission, we will also post it! You can send it to If you wish to remain anonymous, just tell us what you’d like to go by in the story. Thank you for sharing!

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