What Haunts Arkansas?

Ozark High School Stage in Altus

Some places just don’t look like they’d be haunted. I guess you never know.

A former student of Ozark High School wanted to be in production. At no time was he ever part of the cast. Upset with the director, he told him he would one day be on stage. Soon after leaving the district, he passed away from a car accident. It is told, roughly a week before production, items go missing or are misplaced. However, the spirit never disrupts anything the nights performances take place.

Liberty Baptist Church and Cemetery in Batesville

Cute little country church? Check. Super creepy haunted cemetery? Also, check.

 In the upstairs window of the church, an apparition of an elderly lady is seen in a rocking chair. This tends to mostly happen during the summer months. There have also been strange lights that appear in the window as well.

An apparition of a young boy appears in photographs that are taken in the church’s cemetery and sometimes seen roaming the cemetery. Strange lights appear throughout the cemetery as well.

A young lady was killed near the church in the early 1900’s. Her ghost can be seen from time to time. 

Here is a recording of a voice captured on EVP during an investigation by Arkansas Paranormal Investigations.


Charlette Baptist Church in Charlette – An employee was found hanging in mid-air with chains wrapped around his neck.

While in the church or cemetery, strange noises can be heard. It has also been documented that children’s voices can be heard in classrooms when they are empty and in the pulpit, a former preacher’s apparition can be seen.

Judge Parker Courthouse in Fort Smith

Bonus points* if you know the Judge Parker reference in a Steve Earle song. *Bonus points are fun but meaningless.

In 1872, the federal court was moved from an old barracks building, known as Van Buren, to Fort Smith. Fort Smith had enough room to be converted into both the mail and courtroom. At that time, Judge Isaac Parker, better known as “The Hanging Judge” presided at that time. 

Over 13,000 cases were presented in his courtroom. Of those cases, he sentenced 160 people to death. Of the 160 sentenced, 79 were hanged. 

To this day, people claim they can see they witness the ropes in the gallows swinging, even when no wind is blowing. Also, when in the old courtroom, a gavel can be heard banging, even when no one else is in the courtroom.

The old courthouse is now a museum.

Have you been to any of these places? Have you had any experiences you’d like to share? Have you been somewhere else in Arkansas that is haunted? Where? Share your experiences, if you’d like. We would love to hear from you!






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