What Legends Haunt Alaska?

Alaska seems to be a cool place in general. Fun fact: Barrow, Alaska stays dark for 60 consecutive days. Yes, 60 days of darkness. That’s a whole lot of darkness! 

As with any other state, Alaska has it’s own legends. Here are some we found fascinating and wanted to share.

Clark Middle School in Anchorage

Clark Middle School looks like a community college.

There is a woman in a white dress who likes to play instruments in the band room. She isn’t looking to hurt anyone. She just wants to give them a good scare. 

She is also likes to roam the hallways during the summer when the halls are empty. Another thing she likes to do is turn the lights off. There are teachers and students who claim there is a woman who floats up through the floors and others say it’s only a legend and she doesn’t exist. 

Historic Anchorage Hotel

Old black-and-white photos usually come with a side of spooky.

Being the oldest hotel in Anchorage, hauntings are bound to occur, right? Well, if you stay the night, on the second floor of the  Anchorage Hotel, you may see the young girl who walks the hall. What’s better than a remote? The TV turning on and off “by itself”, when they want to. Need the sink or bathtub filled? If you can catch it at the right time, the unknown may do that for you! Say “hello” to the man who walks by the stairs. When the hotel is empty, employees have also said they’ve heard people coming down the stairs. 

The Birchwood Saloon, Chugiak

Enjoy some spirits with some spirits, why not? (Cue the sad trombone sound.)

The Birchwood Saloon is said to be haunted by the spirit of a young man who was electrocuted while shoveling snow. His shovel made contact with a power line. Folks have stated they’ve seen apparitions and items have been moved. 

Fairbanks Memorial Hospital

Nice and clean on the outside. But what spookiness lies within?

To me, hospitals are just creepy in general. They are especially spooky at night when the hallways are silent, except for the occasional beeps from the machines. Fairbanks Memorial doesn’t seem to have scary hauntings, but ones I consider…well, sad. When a baby passes, nurses have been documented to say they can see “angels” in the back of the nursery. The air drops to a cold 60 degrees and the sounds of babies crying can be heard, even when none are present in the nursery. 

Rookies Sports Bar, Sitka

What’s chillier? Alaskan waters, or Alaskan ghosts?

In southeast Alaska, Rookies used to be called Kiksaadi Club, also known as Kik. Legend is, a woman was hit by a car and died on the blind corner just outside this well-known watering hole. Allegedly, the woman was extremely drunk when she left the bar and attempted to walk back to town alone. This wasn’t rare due to Sitka being a small town. Most of the time one would flag down someone they knew or a cab. Unfortunately, this woman staggered onto the road on this blind curve and was ran over by another drunk person driving a truck. This did not kill her immediately. Due to her drunkenness, she got up, literally dying from her injuries, screaming, not realizing what had just happened. 

The bar was closing, so there were countless witnesses. They were in the midst of loading up and getting ready to go to after hours parties to continue on.There have been reported sightings of a female apparition weaving up and down the blind corner, taunting people driving under the influence. It has also been stated there have been death cries, moans, and other noises heard in the same area she died. The occur just before dawn.

Have you been to Alaska? Do you live in Alaska? Have you heard of these legends? Better yet, have you experienced any of these? Possibly one we haven’t mentioned? Please share your experiences with us! We would LOVE to hear them.




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